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Counting down the days… Road trip from Indy! Been looking forward to it since you guys came to The Vogue…

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Therapeutic Rant

Today has been a day… As a matter of fact, the last few days have been…

After my second day walking to and from work, I’ve already noticed that so much quiet time at once leads me towards being my normal introspective self. (My phone was dead today so I didn’t have music playing, as I would have.)

Some things that crossed my mind…
- I feel as if I’m constantly going out of my way for others - one way or another. Am I frustrated because I’m expecting the same in return, but others aren’t capable, aware, or appreciative?
- Is it strange to WANT others to want to go out of their way to talk to you or spend time with you? Being the social extrovert I am, it’s always me initiating every conversation, each plan, or making the decision. Once in a while it would really bless me to NOT be that person. Even though I’m outgoing and decisive does NOT mean I should always be the one reaching out and striving to plan something!
- I’ve been called an over-thinker, over-analyzer, and complicated…but I don’t see anything wrong with having an active mind and being introspective. I can’t help that when I’m in silence my mind wanders and I look inward and self-reflect. I look at possible causes of unhappiness and stress and try and find a solution. Why’s that a fault?

I could go on, but for what reason. Just had to get this out there - and Facebook and Twitter weren’t the avenues I wanted to take. We all have quirks and needs and strange ways about us. How is it that it’s so much more difficult for an individual like myself to be loved, wanted, needed, and appreciated as much as anyone else?

That is all…

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Another song I particularly liked how the lyrics came together. Far from what I’d call “finished” though.

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Song I impulsively put together one night at park. Work in progress. Very basic. Optimistic for a change, as well.

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I enjoy the lyrics to this song. Will most likely continue working on it…

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"You changed the locks on the front door of your own heart, forevermore…" Old song idea I found laying around…

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New Song Idea: “Cut To The Chase”

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"You take me high. You take me low. You take me anywhere you go. You are the one, I can tell. You are the one, I can tell."

"You take me high. You take me low. You take me anywhere you go. You are the one, I can tell. You are the one, I can tell."

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Late Friday night alone doing laundry in the basement and just started feeling this. Made it up as I went. It’s whatever. Enjoy.

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What else can I say? (Taken with Instagram)

What else can I say? (Taken with Instagram)

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"(That’s Not) How It Ends"

Late last night I was feeling particularly inspired by…we’ll say “life events”…and parked alongside College Avenue to pen this song. It’s simple, yet also marks the first time I’ve ever had a musical idea with absolutely no instruments around. Rather than starting with guitar or anything, the words came and then the melody. I’m excited to see where it ends up! (Will upload to SoundCloud when further along…)

Verse 1:

It’s Winter…

I’m all but lost…

Springtime’s heartbeat,

silenced by frost…

I tried loving,

despite the cold…

Stood there lonely,

a frozen soul…


…but that’s not how it ends! (How it ends…) That’s not…how it ends… (2x)


The light landing on the ice shone from your eyes,

glowing bright, burning right into mine…

The bleak sky reflected grey,

but not today, couldn’t stay since you’re here by my side…

Verse 2:

It’s Autumn…

I’m all but dead…

Summer’s lifting

has turned to lead…

I tried hoping

that you might come…

Dead leaves falling

and I’m here numb…

Pre-Chorus (1x)

Chorus (2x)

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Short sample of a song I fell asleep putting together last night… I really like the chorus. The subject of the song was inspired by a poetry excerpt involving dark, rolling storm clouds. Led my mind to how great a difference a little (genuine) love can make in the darkest times of one’s life. One of the more optimistic ideas that have come together for me, to be honest. That said, it isn’t finished. This is just me trying to be quiet in my apartment at 2 AM with my recording studio (iPhone,) acoustic, and notebook…

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Simple (Is Beautiful)


    like falling water.

Electric, alive,

    and everywhere constant.

Overwhelming, but silent…

 Overtaking, yet gentle…

A fleeting glow in the night

 whose burning echo never ends.

Keep your manufactured magnificance.

 Take back your artificial aesthetics.

The best your complex intricacies can do is bow before


Is it a matter of cost?


Is it for the well-to-do?


Is it subject to location or class?


Behind the city’s sirens and sea of swimming lights,

 there’s the scent of simple beauty that invigorates one’s life.

The lightning splitting darkness that bedazzles a night sky

 over endless rolling fields as the clouds begin to cry.

Save your make-up and mascara,

 and any misdirected pride.

What’s more simple or more beautiful

 than Love with nothing left to hide?

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What Will Be

Sometimes the only thing we know about the Future is that it’s coming.

Don’t allow your thoughts of the Future to be marred by Past events.

What do you want to be and what will you do to see it happen?

As long as I have hope I will continue breathing;

and as long as I’m breathing I have hope.

Rather than anxiously worrying about

what the Future holds, I

live one day at a time

(free from regret,)

keep breathing,

and anticipate

the best yet

to come…

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"Light Drops" (Taken with instagram)

"Light Drops" (Taken with instagram)